Denso Densotherm Tape (80mils)


Denso Densotherm Tape (80 mils), is a hot applied bituminous tape. It is comprised of a non-woven synthetic fabric fully impregnated and coated with a flexible, high melting point bitumen compound. Densotherm is suitable for use above or below ground for protecting pipes, fittings, welds, and bends. The tape is applied with the aid of a propane gas torch. To view available sizes, please select, “Choose an option.”

Download the Denso Densotherm Tape Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Denso Densotherm Tape: Advanced Hot Applied Bituminous Tape for Pipe Protection

Densotherm stands as a superior hot applied bituminous tape, engineered for robust and reliable pipe protection. This tape is crafted from a non-woven synthetic fabric that is fully impregnated and coated with a flexible, high melting point bitumen compound. Its composition makes it an ideal choice for safeguarding pipes, fittings, welds, and bends, whether installed above or below ground.

Key Features of Denso Densotherm Tape:

  • Exceptional Adhesion Properties: This tape exhibits excellent adhesion both to the pipe surface and to itself, ensuring a secure and long-lasting protective layer.
  • Resistance to Cathodic Disbonding: This tape maintains its integrity against cathodic disbondment, a crucial feature for underground pipelines.
  • Impact Resistance: Designed to withstand physical impacts, Denso Densotherm Tape provides a resilient barrier, safeguarding the pipe from external damage.
  • Conformability: Its flexibility ensures that this Tape can be easily applied to pipes, bends, and fittings, conforming seamlessly to various shapes and sizes.
  • Hot Application Method: Utilizing a propane gas torch for application, Denso Densotherm Tape ensures a thorough and effective bond to the pipe surface.
  • Compatibility with Common Pipe Coatings: This tape is designed to work in harmony with most standard pipe coatings, ensuring wide applicability across different pipeline systems.

Denso Densotherm Tape is more than just a protective tape; it’s a comprehensive solution for pipeline protection, combining flexibility, durability, and compatibility. Whether for new installations or maintenance, Densotherm offers a reliable, high-quality option for ensuring the longevity and safety of your pipeline infrastructure.

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