Denso Bitumen Mastic: High Build, Corrosion-Resistant Coating


Denso Bitumen Mastic is a high build single component cold applied liquid bituminous coating. Corrosion protection on buried pipe, flanges, valves, and underground storage tanks.


Denso Bitumen Mastic – 1 Gallon – 4/Case
Denso Bitumen Mastic – 5 Gallon Drum

Download the Denso Bitumen Mastic Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Denso Bitumen Mastic is a robust, single-component coating, designed for superior corrosion resistance. This high build formulation is ideal for protecting steel pipes, flanges, valves, offshore equipment, storage tanks, and concrete surfaces in harsh corrosive environments. This bitumen mastic works in applications including seawater immersion, splash zones, and buried applications.

Key Features of Denso Bitumen Mastic:

  • Single Component Application: Streamlines the application process, eliminating the need for mixing components.

  • High Build Quality: Offers substantial coverage with each application, ensuring thorough protection.

  • Easy to Apply: Can be easily applied with a brush or roller, providing flexibility for application.

  • Self-Priming: Simplifies the preparation process, as it does not need a separate primer.

  • VOC Compliant: Adheres to environmental regulations for volatile organic compounds.

  • Non-Freezing: Remains usable in cold temperatures, ensuring reliability across various climatic conditions.

  • Flexibility and Durability: Designed to be flexible without cracking, maintaining integrity over time.

Denso Bitumen Mastic is a great choice for industrial and marine applications where durable, long-lasting corrosion protection is essential. Its user-friendly nature and robust performance make it an ideal solution for maintaining and extending the life of critical infrastructure in severely corrosive environments.


This is just one of many great Denso products that we offer, check out the whole catalog here.

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