Resimac Resimetal 205: Advanced Ceramic HT Fluid for High-Temperature Immersion (1KG)


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205 Ceramic HT Fluid is a 2 component solvent free epoxy novolac coating. The product has been designed to be applied to process equipment, pipelines and structures subject to erosion and corrosion.  The product once cured is suitable for immersion conditions in water, saltwater and aqueous hydrocarbon mixtures at temperatures up to 130˚C.  The coating contains ceramic particles to give a hardened finish to metallic surfaces subject to abrasion from high particulate liquids and slurries.


Resimac Resimetal 205 Ceramic HT Fluid is a solvent-free epoxy novolac coating specifically engineered for high-temperature immersion applications. This exceptional coating is designed to enhance the performance of traditional materials and to provide robust protection against erosion and corrosion in environments involving water, salt water, and aqueous/hydrocarbon mixtures. Fully cured, Resimac 205 Ceramic HT Fluid is capable of withstanding continuous immersion temperatures up to 265°F, depending on the operating environment.

Key Features of Resimac Resimetal 205:

  • Elevated Temperature Resistance: Excellently withstands up to 265°F in continuous chemical immersion, adapting to various high-temperature scenarios.
  • Optimized for Metal Substrates: Provides high mechanical adhesion to metal surfaces, ensuring a secure and durable bond.
  • Surface Preparation Compatibility: Ideal for application on surfaces that have been abrasive blast cleaned, enhancing coating effectiveness.

Typical Applications:

  • Protection of condensate extraction pumps and return tanks
  • Application on calorifiers, distillation units, and evaporators
  • Coating for heat exchangers, scrubber units, and filters
  • Use in process vessels and various high-temperature equipment

Resimac Resimetal 205 Ceramic HT Fluid is a vital solution for industries operating equipment under high temperatures and in aggressive environments. Its specialized formulation ensures that equipment remains well-protected and functional, extending its service life and maintaining operational efficiency.

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