Carboxane 2000: Superior Isocyanate Free, Ultra-Durable Coating (1 Gallon)


Carboxane 2000 is an isocyanate free, ultra-durable coating that provides outstanding color and gloss retention as well as excellent corrosion protection for exterior exposures. When used over a suitable primer (as a two coat system) Carboxane 2000 provides the barrier, corrosion resistance properties, and weatherability normally achieved with a three-coat system (primer, epoxy intermediate with an acrylic-polyurethane finish) for most environments. This significantly speeds up the painting process, saves labor, and saves money without sacrificing performance. This tightly cross-linked film utilizes a UV-resistant siloxane binder resulting in a finish with excellent corrosion protection and weathering performance that far exceeds aliphatic polyurethanes.

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Carboxane 2000 stands as a pinnacle of innovation in ultra-durable coatings, delivering exceptional color and gloss retention, coupled with outstanding corrosion protection for exterior applications. This isocyanate-free formula surpasses traditional three-coat systems—consisting of a primer, epoxy intermediate, and acrylic-polyurethane finish—by offering the same level of barrier protection and weatherability in just two coats when used over a suitable primer.

Key Features of Carboxane 2000:

  • Isocyanate-Free Composition: Ensures safety and environmental compliance without compromising on quality.
  • Exceptional Weatherability: A UV-resistant siloxane binder in the tightly cross-linked film provides remarkable weathering performance.
  • Optimized Application: Streamlines the painting process, resulting in labor and cost savings while maintaining high performance.
  • Outstanding Color and Gloss Retention: Maintains aesthetic appeal in harsh exterior conditions, far exceeding the capabilities of aliphatic polyurethanes.
  • Excellent Corrosion Protection: Delivers durable defense against corrosive elements, meeting ISO 12944 C3 High and C4 Medium standards with a single coat.
  • High Build Quality: Achieves 3 to 7 mils DFT, ensuring robust coverage and protection.
  • Long Service Life: Crafted for endurance, Carboxane 2000 offers an extended service life.
  • VOC Compliance: Adheres to stringent environmental standards for VOC emissions.
  • Enhanced Durability: Exhibits superior flexibility and abrasion resistance.
  • Extended Pot Life: Provides ease of use and efficiency during application.

Carboxane 2000 is the optimal solution for projects demanding quick application without the trade-off in durability and protection. Its superior formulation ensures long-lasting performance, making it a smart choice for a wide range of exterior exposures.

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