Carboguard 890 Epoxy Primer (2 Gallons) – Contains Part A & B


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Carboguard 890 Epoxy Primer is a highly chemical resistant epoxy mastic coating with exceptionally versatile uses in all industrial markets. Self-priming and suitable for application over most existing coatings, and tightly adherent rust. Serves as stand-alone system for a variety of chemical environments and is also designed for various immersion conditions. An optional micaceous iron oxide additive (MIO Filler) can be purchased separately and may be used per the Product Data Sheet to enhance corrosion protection and film strength for more aggressive service such as severe marine or heavy industrial uses.

Carboguard 890 Epoxy Primer product features:

• Excellent chemical resistance
• Surface tolerant characteristics
• Conventional and low-temperature versions
• Self-priming and primer/finish capabilities
• Carboguard 890 has very good abrasion resistance
• VOC compliant to current AIM regulations
• Suitable for use in USDA inspected facilities
• Intermediate coat for AWWA D102 Outside System #6 and #7
• Approved MPI #98

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Founded in 1947 by Stanley Lopata to solve a specific customer issue, Carboline has grown into a global entity manufacturing protective coatings, linings, and fireproofing products. With a strong presence in the corrosion control, water transmission, and fire protection industries, Carboline continues to innovate and respond to customers’ needs. The company is trusted worldwide for its high-quality solutions and remains dedicated to solving customer problems, drawing on its extensive experience and commitment to ongoing product development. Despite its global reach, Carboline maintains its foundational focus on providing problem-solving products just as it did from Stanley’s basement.

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