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Introducing the 3M Scotchkote Release Agent 035, your premier solution for ensuring seamless separation in the molding and fusion processes. This specially formulated release agent is designed to provide a highly effective barrier, allowing for easy release of parts and components from their molds.

Effortless Release for Optimal Productivity: 3M Scotchkote Release Agent 035 is engineered to facilitate a non-stick surface, significantly reducing the likelihood of material adherence. Its application results in a smooth, flawless release, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime due to sticking issues.

Versatile Application Spectrum: Whether you’re working with intricate composites or robust metallic molds, the versatility of Scotchkote Release Agent 035 makes it suitable for a wide array of materials. Its compatibility with different substrates ensures it meets a broad range of industrial needs.

Key Features:

  • Superior Release Properties: Designed for easy mold release, increasing efficiency in manufacturing processes.
  • Wide Material Compatibility: Effective with various mold types and materials, offering flexibility across applications.
  • User-Friendly: Simple application process with quick-drying capabilities for a swift turnaround.
  • Consistent Quality: Provides a reliable, uniform coating, ensuring consistent results with each use.

For a hassle-free mold release and exceptional part quality, 3M Scotchkote Release Agent 035 stands out as the professional’s choice. Equip your operation with this release agent and watch as productivity and efficiency take a leap forward.

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