How to Transform Warehouse Floors in 5 easy steps with USI Epoxy Flooring products

How to Transform Warehouse Floors in 5 easy steps with USI Epoxy Flooring products

Epoxy Flooring: 5 Easy Steps to Transform your Warehouse

Before coating and repair:                  After coating and repair:

Epoxy FlooringEpoxy Flooring

Warehouse floors withstand a barrage of challenges every day—from the constant traffic of heavy machinery to the unavoidable spills of various substances. Maintaining these floors is not just about cleanliness; it’s crucial for safety, productivity, and long-term cost savings. One of the most effective solutions for upgrading these surfaces is the application of epoxy coatings, and USI provides a comprehensive system for a high-performance warehouse floor.

Step 1: Surface Preparation

Ideal surface preparation includes removing all grease, oil, and dirt, and then scarifying the surface by grinding, scrambling or shot blasting, ideally to ICRI CSP 3 to 5 with CSP-2 being the minimum and CSP-5 or 6 being the maximum. Always follow the technical data sheet (TDS) for the products you are using they will tell you exactly what surface prep is required. See more at: https://www.tccmaterials.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/ConcreteSurfaceProfiles.pdf

Step 2: Repair with USI Epoxy Mortar Patch Kit (110)

Before any coating application, it’s imperative to ensure the concrete floor is in its best condition. The USI Epoxy Mortar Patch Kit (110) is a trusted ally in repairing any cracks, pits, or damaged portions of the concrete floor. This step is vital for preventing future problems and ensuring the longevity of the epoxy coating. The kit is designed to be easy to use and cures quickly, making it perfect for busy warehouse environments where downtime is a luxury.

Step 3: Prime with USI Flexible Broadcast Primer

Epoxy coatings require a clean and well-prepared surface to adhere properly. USI Flexible Broadcast Primer serves as the perfect base for the epoxy coating. It not only ensures strong adhesion but also enhances the performance of the subsequent epoxy layers. Its flexible nature accommodates minor surface movements, reducing the risk of cracks and delamination. Priming is a step that should not be skipped; it’s the foundation of a resilient epoxy floor system.

Step 4: Apply USI High Build Epoxy Floor Coating

Once the floor is primed, the next step is the application of USI High Build Epoxy Floor Coating. This product is formulated to provide a colorfast and impact-resistant layer, which is essential in a space that encounters frequent and heavy use. The first coat establishes the base color and initial protection layer. After the first layer cures, a second coat is applied to increase the floor’s durability and longevity. This dual-layer approach ensures that the floor can handle the rigorous demands of a warehouse setting.

Step 5: Integrate USI Granular Aggregate LD for Slip Resistance

Safety is a paramount concern in any workspace, and slip-resistant surfaces are crucial in preventing accidents. After back rolling the epoxy coating, incorporating USI Granular Aggregate LD provides a textured finish that greatly reduces the risk of slips and falls. This step is especially important in areas that may become wet or are prone to spills. The aggregate is distributed evenly across the still-wet epoxy coating, creating a uniform and safe surface once the final cure is complete.


The benefits of applying an epoxy coating using USI’s comprehensive system are extensive. Beyond the immediate improvement in aesthetics, the key advantages include enhanced safety, ease of maintenance, and protection against a variety of physical and chemical abuses. With USI products, warehouse floors can be transformed into high-performance surfaces that support operational efficiency and safety. By following this four-step process with USI’s specialized products, warehouses can ensure their floors are up to the task for years to come.

Custom Solutions

Not all floors and their uses are the same. Sometimes you need a floor that will hold up to heavy traffic, other times you need something non slip and water resistant. Because of this we offer many different flooring solutions to suit every need. The basic uses of these products are outlined below, if you are not sure what products to use, there is a contact forum below our expert technical support team will walk you through your specific issues and help you build the right solution for any need.

Concrete Repair Options:

USI Epoxy Mortar Patch Kit (110) – 100% Solids designed to patch where wear  is heavy and strength is required.

USI Freezer Epoxy Mortar Patch Kit (124) – 100% Solids mortar designed for applications where temps are below freezing.

USI Concrete Quick Fix (343) – Urethane concrete repair, low viscosity allows for deep substrate penetration.

USI Injection Process Epoxy – Designed to be injected into deep recesses to ensure a full fill.

USI Injection Process Epoxy with Aggregate – Designed to be injected into deep recesses to ensure a full fill includes aggregate designed for better strength.

USI Water Based Cement Urethane Mortar (903) – Trowel able urethane mortar with great wear performance and can withstand higher heat.


Epoxy Primer Options:

USI Power Trowel Primer – For priming cement and concrete substrates before an epoxy mortar overlay installation.

USI Oil Stop Primer (820) – Allows excellent adhesion on oil contaminated concrete substrate.

USI Quick Prime WB (013) – Recommended for priming concrete, wood or masonry and can withstand many solvents or chemicals.

USI Flexible Broadcast Primer – 100% Solids designed for sealing traffic surfaces exposed to vehicular or foot traffic.

USI Silane Siloxane Penetrating Sealer – Designed to treat a wide variety of mineral substrates including architectural concrete, concrete block, split face block, pavers, stucco, porous and dense brick, tile, exposed aggregate concrete, sandstone, and slate.

USI Clear Water Based Acrylic Sealer – Recommended for sealing concrete or cement not exposed to chemical exposure.

USI Moisture Vapor Barrier – 100% Solids epoxy seal coat to help control moisture vapor emission.


Epoxy Coating Options:

USI Seal Urethane (321) – Great where abrasion, chemical spill, weathering and UV damage might occur.

USI Self – Leveling Epoxy Slurry (220) – High gloss abrasion resistant that can withstand impact and thermal shock.

USI Urethane Slurry (903SL) – Great for heavy wear locations and can withstand higher heat exposure.

USI High Build Epoxy Coat (707) – 100% Solids colored coating for high building is impact resistant.

USI LVP High Build Quick Set Epoxy – Solid colored epoxy designed for applications where a high solids primer is needed before applying top coats.


Striping options:

USI Fast Cure Line Striping (144) – Line striping suited for interior use.

USI Striping VOC Compliant Urethane – Great for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering and UV stability.


Top Coat Options:

USI Urethane Cement Topcoat – Top coating for cement applications.

USI Medium Build textured Epoxy Color Coat – Topcoat on concrete or masonry available in white, grey, medium grey, tile red and beige.

USI Water Based Epoxy Skid Proofer (016) – Recommended for skid proofing concrete, suitable for foot traffic.

USI SF Polyaspartic Sealer – 100% Solids epoxy mortar designed for applications where excellent wear characteristics are required.

USI UV Resistant Epoxy Binder Clear Topcoat – 100% Solid epoxy seal coat that is UV resistant and can be used as a stand alone coat used with decorative flakes or aggerate.

USI White Aluminum Oxide – For non skid applications, avoid slips, trips and falls.


All epoxy flooring needs are different, if you are unsure what your project needs reach out to us with details on your project below or call us at: 248-735-7000

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