USI Flexible Broadcast Primer


USI Flexible Broadcast Primer – 3 Gal Kit

USI Flexible Broadcast Primer (3 Gal Kit) is a two component 100% solids epoxy designed for sealing traffic surfaces exposed to vehicular or foot traffic.  The toughness and elongation eliminate the need to repair hairline cracks.  This product is formulated for use in a broadcast system as the basecoat prior to installing epoxy mortars or other suitable topcoats.  Recommended for priming with broadcasting as a crack bridging sealer before application of epoxy mortar or topcoats.

Coverage: 3 gallon 480 sq ft.@ 10 mils
32-160 ft² per gallon @ 10-50 mils



REAGENT                     RATING

xylene                                A
methanol                            A
skydrol                               A
10% sodium hydroxide      D
50% sodium hydroxide      D
10% sulfuric acid               C
10% HC1 (aq)                   C
5% acetic acid                   A

Rating key: A – not recommended, B – 2 hour term splash spill, C – 8 hour term splash spill, D – 72 hour immersion, E – long term immersion. NOTE: extensive chemical resistance information is available through your sales representative.

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Weight 55 lbs


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