Denso Application Training – January 2021

Denso Application Training – January 2021


A North America Pipeline Company contacted USI to have one of their Denso Certified Application Trainers come to their location to learn about five Denso products and proper application for each.  The team got hands-on practice with the application and use of Protal 7125 (a Fast Cure, Low Temperature Pipeline Coating), Protal 7200 (a Fast Cure, High Build Pipeline Coating), S105 Paste (a Wet/Underwater Petrolatum Tape Primer), Densyl Tape (an All Purpose Petrolatum Tape) and Glass Outerwrap (a Protective Fiberglass Outerwrap).  The knowledge gained from this training day will be applied to this pipeline companies future 2021 upcoming projects to ensure that coating and application failures do not occur.





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