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Leading Edge August 2021 Oil & Gas Pipeline

Why choose Viscous Elastic over Traditional when it comes to Coatings and Sealants Viscous elastic coatings easily overcome many of the common issues that cause traditional coatings to fail. They offer immediate adhesion without the need for primer, require minimal surface preparation and form a homogenous, continuous self-healing protective layer. The materials bond at an…
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Containment Area Repair

The Challenge The EPA was about to fine this Truck Diesel Repair for the condition of their secondary containment. Unconventional Solutions was called in to save the day! REINFORCING TAPE IN USE The Solution As you can see, we repaired the concrete lining, which includes the floor and walls. The product used here was Resi…
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Leading Edge July 2021 Oil & Gas Pipeline

The PHMSA Gas Mega Rule Part 1 contains changes to the regulations for gas transmission lines and new requirements for the verification of pipeline materials. This part of the rule aims to improve safety with transportation and operation of onshore gas transmission pipelines. Part 2 of the Gas Mega Rule contains new repair requirements for…
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Natural Gas Pipeline Repair

The Challenge The natural gas pipeline that fuels a gas burner in an aluminum plant was heavily corroded and in critical need of repair. The pipeline had to be repaired in place to prevent an unscheduled outage that would result in lost production. Unconventional Solutions had the ideal repair solution for this situation. REINFORCING TAPE…
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Leading Edge May 2021 – Oil & Gas/Pipeline

How much does it cost you to redo your projects?

Low Pressure Gas Leak Repair

The Challenge A local gas company in Ohio, after buying an existing distribution line, found out they had some small leaks. This was a low pressure and low consequence area and they wanted an alternative to shutting down a major customer, while not sacrificing safety. Having met Unconventional Solutions at Underground Corrosion Short Course, they…
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Spare Part – Valve Corrosion Protection

The Challenge This major natural gas company needed a solution to keep their larger critical spare parts corrosion free while in storage for an unknown future date of use. They need to keep larger, more expensive spare parts on hand, and ready to use, because when a part like that is needed for replacement, they…
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Crude Oil Pit Rebuild & Protection

The Challenge This old crude oil pit was exhibiting decay from years of neglect. Some concrete areas were worn down to the reinforcement. Repair budget was a key issue, so Unconventional Solutions worked together with the customer to find the most economical solution without the expense and time of a complete tear-out and re-pour of…
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Leeching Trench Repair

The Challenge This Refinery had a concern with soil contamination by ethanol solvents and hydrocarbons. They contacted Unconventional Solutions for a system that would repair, protect, and upgrade the trench to give them a long-term solution to protect the environment without costly tear-out and re-pour of the entire trench. The Solution The affected area was…
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PCB Encapsulating System

The Challenge This Major Electrical Company Service Centers floor had PCB  (Polychlorinated Biphenyl’s) contamination from transformer oil spilling on it, as back in the 70’s, a crew had pulled a leaking transformer along the floor. They wanted to become the hero for their employees by providing a safe environment to work.  They avoided paying Millions…
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