University Hospital Chiller Refurbishment – 2020

University Hospital Chiller Refurbishment – 2020

The Challenge

Over the past 5 years, this University Hospital has been experiencing galvanic corrosion in many of their chillers, causing tubes to plug.  Unconventional Solutions, Inc. has had success with the refurbishment of their chillers in the past to lower their energy cost.  So needing to refurbish another chiller here in 2020, they did not hesitate to call on the USI Team and our Ceramic Repair, Protect and Upgrade knowledge and solutions.

The Solution

The USI Team tented the area to create a exhaust/dust free environment.  Corrosive Materials and Blast Media were put into a dumpster for disposal by the client.

Tubes were corked to prevent abrasive blast media from going into the copper tubes.  The USI Team abrasive blasted to NACE 2 specifications, to a 2 ½ to 4 mil anchor pattern.

The USI Team then rebuilt lost metal around the tubes with ResiMetal 101 Metal Repair Paste or ResiMetal 201 Ceramic Repair Paste.

Lastly, the USI Team applied 2 coats of ResiMetal 203 SuperFlow Ceramic Repair Fluid.  First coat in red, the second coat in gray.  That way as you do your regular maintenance checks on your chiller, if you start to see red, you know it’s time to re-coat before you allow the galvanic corrosion to happen.

Once again, this University Hospital was very pleased with the results.

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