Industry News

The ChallengeAn automotive manufacturing company was hearing heavy vibration of a fan shaft on top of the roof, so they
The ChallengeThe Paper Mill Plant contacted the USI Team having an issue of leaking, corroded, eroded pipes that are not
The ChallengeA Steel Mill was losing 50 to 70 gallons/minute on a 10 inch chemically treated water pipe. This leak
The ChallengeThe grip system on this stainless steel flat top conveyor was wearing off every 2-6 weeks, leaving a slippery
The ChallengeThe striping pit at this Michigan auto plant – the area cars get their racing stripes - was accumulating
The ChallengeThis hydraulic cylinder on an automotive assembly line hoist was scored and pitted causing loss of hydraulic oil and
The ChallengeA Chicagoland refinery had a holding tank that was suffering from corrosion and erosion on the seams and rivets. 
The Challenge A Major Tank Farm and Pipeline Company for North America had a tank in NW Indiana that they
Facility Maintenance
The Challenge Over the past 5 years, this University Hospital has been experiencing galvanic corrosion in many of their chillers,
In 2021, OSHA is pushing harder than ever to reduce the number of injuries and fatal accidents contributed directly to