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Case Study: Repair Kit Coating Failure The Problem USI Owner & President, Tiffany Klingensmith, handled a phone call that came
Case Study: Moisture Barrier Decorative Floor System The Problem A Headquarters Facility had water damage in the basement and wanted
Galvanic corrosion (dissimilar-metal corrosion) is an electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes preferentially, when in electrical contact with a
This BLOG will cover TIPS to prevent coating failure as well as Helpful Hints to prevent a Repair Kit Coating
STEP 1 - The pipe was first cleaned and prepped according to the Technical Data Sheets of the products to
Case Study: Concrete Pipe Repair The Problem This Paper Mill had a Utility Company drill a hole into their 22”
Case Study: SP-2888® RG Coating Damage USI has NACE CIP Level 3 Coating Inspectors on Staff USI was contracted to
We have all had the occasion to pull the first couple of joints out on an HDD and the coating
By: Stormy Shaw Synthetic rubber has properties like natural rubber, but with greater resistance to abrasion, wear and water. Additional
By: Stormy Shaw It is estimated that less oil is spilled in a tanker than seeps into coastal waters and