MBX® Bristle Blaster: Corrosion Removal and Surface Preparation


MBX® Bristle Blaster simplifies the surface preparation operation and reduces expense through the elimination of expensive equipment, media, and extensive environmental and safety measures. 

MBX® Bristle Blaster removes what you want without removing healthy material. It generates anchor profiles ranging from 2.5 to 3.3mil on steel, weld seams, edges, around bolts, and on surface irregularities. It restores corroded and pitted surfaces to near white metal or white metal appearance and does so quickly!

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The MBX Bristle Blaster is a groundbreaking tool in the field of surface preparation, adeptly designed to simultaneously eliminate corrosion and create an anchor profile. This innovative technology provides a unique approach to surface treatment, matching the effectiveness of traditional grit blasting processes but with distinct advantages.

Core Features of the Bristle Blaster:

  • Advanced Bristle Technology: Utilizes specially designed bristle tips that strike the corroded surface with kinetic energy comparable to standard grit blasting, efficiently removing corrosion.
  • Effective Surface Treatment: The bristle tips retract after impact, resulting in a dual action of corrosion removal and micro-indentation. This exposes a fresh, clean surface, akin to what is achieved through traditional grit blasting.
  • Textured and Clean Finish: Surfaces treated with the Bristle Blaster® attain a texture and visual cleanliness that mirrors those achieved by conventional grit blasting techniques.
  • User-Friendly Design: Engineered to operate without vibration or jumping, significantly reducing operator fatigue.
  • Minimal Residue: Leaves behind minimal adhesive residue, which can be effortlessly removed with an appropriate solvent.
  • Efficient and Labor-Saving: Designed for fast and easy operation, cutting labor time by more than 60%.

Variety of Models Available:

  • Pneumatic – Carbon Steel
  • Pneumatic – Stainless Steel
  • Electric – Carbon Steel
  • Electric – Stainless Steel
  • Cordless

The Bristle Blaster is an essential tool for professionals seeking efficient, effective, and labor-saving solutions for corrosion removal and surface preparation. Whether in pneumatic, electric, or cordless forms, this technology offers a high-performance alternative to traditional methods, streamlining the surface preparation process in various industrial settings.

We also sell the MBX Bristle Blaster Accessories, find them here.

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