Category: Protection and Overcoating

Break Room Floor Refurbishment

The Problem The break room at this prominent steel company was in dire need of refurbishment. The decay happening to the floor was a safety hazard, and it was unsanitary.…
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PCB Floor Encapsulation

Cost-Effective PCB Encapsulation in Electrical Company Service Center Floor

The Challenge A major electrical company faced a significant health and safety challenge at one of their service centers they needed to PCB encapsulate their floor. The floor of the…
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Industrial Flooring System Upgrade

Flooring System Overhaul at a Major Gas Utility Company

The Problem A major gas utility company faced a significant safety issue with their 50+ year old flooring it was in dire need of an industrial flooring system upgrade. The…
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Decorative Concrete Floor Solutions

Transforming a Water-Damaged Concrete Floor into a Decorative, Durable Surface

The Problem The headquarters of a company faced a significant challenge with their concrete flooring, which had begun to suffer from water damage. The company sought not just a solution…
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