Vertical Inline Pump for Cooling Tower

Vertical Inline Pump for Cooling Tower


The veins on this vertical inline pump for a cooling tower at a refinery had severe abrasion wear because of the 30 years of service it provided.  The client wanted to see how the Resimac products could perform against the competition, and it came out with an exceptional review.





As you can see, the vein was 50% gone so the vein needed to be rebuilt with Resimac 201 Ceramic Repair Paste and Resimac 808 Reinforcement Mesh Tape.

After we rebuilt that piece, there were 6 other pieces of the pump that we coated with two coats of Resimetal 202 Ceramic Repair Fluid on the inside. This created a smoother surface for pump efficiency and provided abrasion resistance.

All the external pieces of the pump were coated with Resichem 501 CRSG in two colors.

With the 2-color system, when the pump goes back in service the client will be able to tell if the pump needs recoating because the gray layer will wear out showing the blue layer. If the client chooses this method of prevention, they will not need to rebuild the structure and will only need to put the top color coat on in the future.


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