Leading Edge August 2021 Oil & Gas Pipeline

Leading Edge August 2021 Oil & Gas Pipeline

Why choose Viscous Elastic over Traditional when it comes to Coatings and Sealants

Viscous elastic coatings easily overcome many of the common issues that cause traditional coatings to fail. They offer immediate adhesion without the need for primer, require minimal surface preparation and form a homogenous, continuous self-healing protective layer. The materials bond at an intimate level and create a waterproof impermeable coating that can operate in a wide temperature range.

Viscous Elastic chemistry is unique and designed such that the viscous component gives it permanent wetting characteristics. This forces the material to flow into the pores and anomalies of a substrate. The elastic component of the product gives it the strength and feeling of a solid.

Viscous elastic coatings and sealants always remain in a semi solid state, provide high impact strength, and allow for sufficient resistance against shearing. Ease of application and outstanding performance are what make viscous elastic an excellent technology for corrosion prevention.

Project: Compressed Air Pipe

A company that supplies atmospheric and specialty gases to a wide range of industries including aerospace, chemical, oil, gas, refining and other areas of general industry was experiencing heavy corrosion on a compressed air pipe.

The company was looking for an option that would save them time, money and adhere to strict EPA regulations.

USI recommended Viscotaq E-Z wrap, Coat wrap, Outerwrap and Resimac Resinox 555, formerly Thortex Poly-Nox for their minimal surface prep (no abrasive blasting), corrosion resistance, VOC free and encapsulation capabilities.

First, 200 feet of pipe was hand scrapped and abraded to remove loose and flaking paint. The pipe was wrapped with Viscotaq E-Z Wrap, a paintable 70 mil tape that provides immediate adhesion, is a-polar, rejects water and has no cure time. The pipe was then painted in the company’s signature color.

At the soil to air transition, the pipe again was hand scrapped and abraded. Viscotaq Coat Wrap was then applied to the pipe from the flange to the yellow jacket (about 7ft). After proper adhesion, Viscotaq heavy-duty Outerwrap was applied as a rock barrier to protect the pipe during backfilling.

All pipe supports were coated in Resimac 555 Resinox. Resi-Nox is a single component, water-based, anti-corrosive coating.

USI Dates To Remember!

Central NACE Kansas City, KS Aug 4-6th
Denso Webinar Benefits of Viscotaq Aug 12th
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Purdue Underground Corrosion Fort Wayne, IN Aug 31st-Sept 2nd

Project: Tank Chime Repair

An oil and gas company was looking for a cost-effective and durable repair solution for their tank chimes. There was a 1½″ gap that needed to be repaired and sealed. The company also wanted to save time with a solution that is easy to apply.


USI used a viscous elastic sealant, a mastic-like paste with synthetic properties to seal the gap at the base of the tank chime. To protect from further corrosion, the sealant was then covered with a 70 mil viscous elastic wrap that can be painted immediately.

Since the floor plate of a tank is constantly moving during the filling and emptying process, the permanent flexibility and aggressive adhesion of this viscous elastic system is ideal for tank chime areas. 



Viscotaq Composite Wrap

VISCOTAQ PU-Composite Wrap is a composite system comprised of a proprietary polyurethane formula and custom-woven biaxial glass fiber for mechanical protection and reinforcement of VISCOWRAP-HT Inner Wrap furnished factory impregnated with proprietary 22-77 resin system. PU Composite Wrap is an odorless and nonflammable, durable, high strength material, impervious to fuels, most chemicals and solvents.

We have two sizes, 4’x30″, 6’x30″

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