Rescuing a Truck Diesel Repair Shop from EPA Fines with Effective Concrete Secondary Containment Repair

Rescuing a Truck Diesel Repair Shop from EPA Fines with Effective Concrete Secondary Containment Repair

Secondary Containment Concrete Repair

The Problem

A truck diesel repair shop was on the brink of facing fines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to the deteriorating condition of their secondary containment area what they needed secondary containment concrete repair. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Unconventional Solutions was called upon to provide a timely and effective solution to bring the containment area up to compliance standards.

The Substrate

The area in need of repair was primarily constructed of concrete, including both the floors and the walls of the secondary containment. Concrete, while durable, can deteriorate over time, especially in industrial settings with exposure to harsh chemicals and heavy wear.

The Solution

Unconventional Solutions implemented a comprehensive repair strategy, focusing on both the structural integrity and chemical resistance of the containment area.

  • Concrete Lining Repair: The team began by repairing the concrete lining of the containment area. This involved rebuilding the floor using RESICHEM 576 Quartz Screed, a high-strength, durable product ideal for industrial flooring. The vertical surfaces on the walls were rebuilt using RESICHEM 571 Concrete Repair LW, which is specifically formulated for repairing and restoring vertical concrete surfaces.
  • Priming and Sealing: After the structural repairs were completed, the area was primed with RESICHEM 503 SPEP to ensure proper adhesion of the final sealant. The final step involved sealing the area with RESICHEM 511 UCEN, a product known for its excellent chemical resistance, ensuring the containment area would withstand the harsh conditions typical in a diesel repair shop.

Products Used

For robust and compliant solutions in secondary containment repair, trust Unconventional Solutions. Our expert approach and high-quality products ensure your facility meets regulatory standards and maintains a safe working environment. Contact us for your repair needs.

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