Cortec VpCI®-126 Blue Series Corrosion Inhibitor Film

The VpCI®-126 Blue Series films and bags are the most size versatile corrosion protector you can get. They will protect metal objects as small as a needle to as large as the contents of an oceangoing container. Sealing your metal product, parts, and equipment in VpCI®-126 Blue Series films will prevent all types of corrosion, including rust, tarnish, stains, white rust, and oxidation for up to 5 years (depending on film construction thickness and application).
Metals Protected Include: Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Carbon Steel, Silicon Steel, Stainless Steel, Silver, Copper, Solder and Brass.
Sizes and Constructions Include:  Some films are heat sealable and can be used with all types of manual or automated heat-seal packaging equipment. The material is available in a variety of standard and customized forms including bags, sheeting-reinforced film, top-seal and Auto-Bags, gusseted liners, bags-on-a-roll, perforated sheeting, coil covers, shrink film, and tubing to protect small or large parts. Antistatic (ESD) varieties are available as well as coextruded constructions. Opaque formulations are also available.  Cortec® VpCI® film is available in a variety of gauges ranging from 2 to 10 mils (50-250 microns) and widths from 3” to 32’ (7.6 cm – 9.7 m).

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Cortec VpCI®-126 Blue Series Corrosion Inhibitor Film combines the latest film technology with the most effective corrosion protection for all of your metal products. Sealing your product in Cortec® VpCI® films protects metal parts from all types of corrosion including rust, tarnish, stains, white rust, and oxidation for up to 5 years.* It’s as easy as putting your product in a Cortec® VpCI® package!


Cortec® VpCI® films and bags replace conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants. You save even more because VpCI® packaging eliminates the degreasing or coating removal required in the past. Now your product can be used immediately. VpCI®-126 Blue Series is transparent, making it easy to identify parts. Additionally, it does not contain free amines, phosphates, or halogen-based materials, and is non-toxic and recyclable.

Metal parts packaged in Cortec VpCI®-126 Blue Series receive continuous protection against salt, excessive humidity, condensation, moisture, aggressive industrial atmospheres, and dissimilar metal corrosion. The VpCIs vaporize and then condense to metal surfaces in the enclosed package. VpCI® reaches every area of your part, protecting its exterior as well as hard-to-reach interior surfaces. You get complete product protection during storage as well as during domestic and overseas shipments, virtually eliminating any rust claims.

Cortec VpCI®-126 Blue Series is the best selling anticorrosion PE film in the world today, with the highest level of corrosion protection demonstrated by standard and internal corrosion test methods.

Cortec® Corporation offers global corrosion solutions for various industries. As the leading provider of eco-friendly VpCI® and MCI® corrosion control technologies, Cortec® aims to present affordable, user-friendly solutions for corrosion issues in sectors like packaging, metalworking, construction, electronics, and oil and gas.


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