US Coatings EpoxyGrip 2000: High-Performance Epoxy Mastic Coating – 2 Gallon Light Grey


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Introducing US Coatings EpoxyGrip 2000, a state-of-the-art epoxy mastic coating that redefines surface protection and durability. Designed to excel in highly corrosive environments, EpoxyGrip 2000 offers a robust solution for a variety of industrial applications. This product is not just a coating; it’s an armor for your structures, providing long-lasting defense against the elements.

Key Features of US Coatings EpoxyGrip 2000:

  1. Locally Available Color System: Offers a wide range of colors to meet specific project requirements, ensuring both protection and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Semi-Gloss Finish: Provides a sleek and professional appearance to coated surfaces.
  3. VOC Compliant: Adheres to environmental regulations, making it a responsible choice for eco-friendly projects.
  4. High Solids Formulation: Ensures a thicker, more protective layer with each application.
  5. Exceptional Edge Build: Specially formulated to provide excellent build on edges, enhancing overall protection.
  6. Flexible Recoat Windows: Offers both rapid and extended recoat options, allowing for efficient project timelines.
  7. Single Coat Capability: Can be used effectively as a single coat system in mild duty applications, saving time and resources.
  8. Superior Wetting and Adhesion: Ensures strong bonding to substrates, even over hand tool cleaned surfaces (SSPC-SP 11).
  9. Chemical Resistance: Provides robust protection against a variety of chemicals.

Typical Uses: US Coatings EpoxyGrip 2000 is versatile, making it ideal for use on structural steel, steel tanks, offshore platforms, barges, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, railcars, pulp & paper mills, and masonry surfaces. It serves as an exceptional intermediate or topcoat over zinc-rich primers and can be top-coated with polyurethane finishes for enhanced color fastness in exterior applications.

Technical Advantages: EpoxyGrip 2000 by US Coatings stands as a testament to advanced coating technology, offering unparalleled protection and longevity. Its formulation is tailored for demanding environments where both performance and aesthetics are key. Whether you’re dealing with the harsh conditions of offshore platforms or the intricate requirements of architectural structures, EpoxyGrip 2000 delivers top-tier results.

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