Trenton Poly-Ply: Advanced Multi-Layer Protective Plastic Wrap

Poly-Ply plastic wrapper consists of three membranes of .5-mil clear, 50 gauge, clear, polyvinylidene chloride plastic, high-cling membranes, wound together as a single sheet. It provides a mechanical and electrical barrier over Temcoat™ or #1 Wax-Tape while remaining flexible enough to conform to irregular shaped surfaces. It is inert and will not deteriorate, and is resistant to chemicals and bacteria commonly found in soil.


Trenton Poly-Ply: Advanced Multi-Layer Protective Plastic Wrap

Elevate your corrosion prevention measures with Trenton Poly-Ply, a superior multi-layered plastic wrap designed to maintain a robust barrier between anti-corrosion tape systems and corrosive soil elements.

Exceptional Barrier Performance

  • Comprising three layers of 0.5-mil, high-gauge, clear polyvinylidene chloride, Trenton Poly-Ply provides an exceptional mechanical and electrical shield for your pipeline coatings.
  • Its high-cling design ensures a snug, secure fit over Temcoat™ primer/coating or Trenton’s renowned Wax-Tape® brand anti-corrosion wraps.

Unparalleled Flexibility and Durability

  • Poly-Ply is uniquely engineered to stay flexible, adapting flawlessly to straight pipes as well as irregular metal surfaces like T-fittings and couplings.
  • This plastic wrap is inert, promising an enduring lifespan without degradation, and showcases resistance to the harsh chemicals and bacteria typical in soil environments.

Advantages for Long-Term Protection

  • The triple-ply structure enhances mechanical resilience, offering extra strength where it matters most.
  • It exhibits high dielectric strength, adding an extra layer of safety against electrical interference.
  • Poly-Ply’s composition is intentionally inert, ensuring it won’t deteriorate over time, thus providing a persistent protective presence.
  • Resistant to an array of soil-borne chemicals and biological threats, it serves as an unyielding shield for your infrastructure.
  • Conveniently available in user-friendly roll sizes, making application straightforward and efficient.
  • An economically savvy choice, Trenton Poly-Ply delivers superior performance at a cost-effective price point.

Choose Trenton Poly-Ply for a reliable, cost-effective solution in pipeline protection. Its unique properties ensure that it remains a steadfast ally against corrosion and environmental damage, preserving the integrity of your infrastructure for years to come.

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