Patch Pad By Trenton: Exothermic Weld Protector

Trenton Patch-Pad exothermic weld protector is a versatile, easy-to-apply coating for small applications on pipelines and other metal structures. Patch-Pad protectors are primerless, self adhering, and require minimal surface preparation. The design includes a moldable, self adhesive coating which can conform to a variety of profiles, combined with a durable polymer backing which provides strong mechanical protection for buried applications. Application and Finishing Tool are purchased separate.


Trenton Patch Pad: The Premier Exothermic Weld Protector

Maximize the durability of your pipeline and metal structure connections with this pad, the top-tier exothermic weld protector. This innovative patch pad offers a primerless, self-adhering solution that demands minimal surface preparation, making it ideal for small-scale applications that require a robust, corrosion-resistant seal.

Effortless Application

  • The Patch-Pad’s intuitive design allows for a no-fuss application. Simply unwrap, press onto the surface—no tools or primers necessary.
  • Its potent adhesive properties ensure the patch pad molds seamlessly to various shapes, providing comprehensive coverage for multi-lead connections and complex profiles.

Durability and Protection

  • Engineered with a sturdy polymer backing, this pad stands up against the rigors of buried applications, offering enduring protection.
  • The pad’s moldable coating is not just adaptable to diverse profiles but also compatible with most pipe coatings, enhancing its versatility.

Convenience and Compatibility

  • Requiring only a dry, NACE SP2 standard surface preparation, this patch pad streamlines the protection process, eliminating the need for a primer.
  • It’s designed to conform to multiple profiles, making it the ideal choice for safeguarding Cathodic Protection system connections.

Immediate Use

  • There’s no waiting around for curing, enabling immediate backfill and expediting project timelines.
  • Trenton Patch-Pad® is a go-to solution for areas that demand flexibility, strong adhesion, and a straightforward application.

Whether you’re in the field or a remote location, the Patch-Pad’s ease of use is unmatched. Specialized tools are also available for keyhole applications, ensuring Trenton Patch-Pad® delivers secure, reliable corrosion protection wherever it’s needed.

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