Peat Sorb Sorbent Sock



Peat Sorb Sorbent Sock is filled with a 100% organic oil and chemical absorbent made from Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss. It absorbs hydrocarbons, is cost effective and performs better than the leading clay based products on the market today.

Peat Sorb Sorbent Sock Product Features

  • Absorbs 8-12 times more contaminants than absorbed by the same weight of clay products
  • Will not leach contaminants
  • Reduces overall handling and disposal costs
  • Is landfill friendly, contaminants adsorbed by clay products may not be accepted in some states
  • Quick and easy clean ups
  • Rapidly absorbs hydrocarbons on land and water
  • Will quickly contain spills and leaks of all sizes
  • Is non-toxic, 100% organic and renewable
  • Encapsulates wastes and prevents the spread of hazardous liquids
  • Will solidify liquid wastes for safe transport of hazardous material
  • Aids in the bio-remediation process of hydrocarbons
  • Highly effective in the suppression of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
  • Used as a sweeping compound to remove oil on asphalt and concrete
  • Is non-abrasive and will not damage machinery
  • Does not contain silica

The Peat Sorb Sorbent Sock is a Biodegradable cotton blend fabric filled with Peat Sorb.

We also sell bags filled with peat sorb for clean ups where these socks are not applicable, those can be found here.


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Additional information

Weight 55 lbs

4' X 4" (Case of 16), 4' x 4" (Pallet of 24 cases – 384 total), 4' X4" (Individual), 6' X 3" (Case of 16), 6' X 3" (Individual), 6' X 3" (Pallet of 24 Cases – 240 total), 8' X 4" (Case of 8), 8' X 4" (Individual), 8' X 4" (Pallet of 24 Cases – 192 total)


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