Mascoat Industrial-AC: Advanced Anti-Condensation Coating for Industrial Use


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Mascoat Industrial-AC is a cutting-edge anti-condensation coating, evolved from the proven Industrial-DTI thermal insulating coating, and is specifically engineered to tackle condensation challenges in industrial environments. Through extensive research, our laboratory has incorporated special materials into this product, transforming it into an effective composite, moisture-resistant insulation coating. It not only significantly reduces or completely eliminates condensation but also provides an insulating barrier, enhances personnel and equipment safety, and prevents corrosion, all in a single, easy-to-apply product.

Key Features and Benefits of Mascoat Industrial-AC:

  • Superior Condensation Protection: Offers unmatched performance in preventing condensation.
  • Corrosion Prevention: Effectively eliminates the possibility of corrosion under insulation.
  • Substrate Visibility for Easy Inspection: The coating allows for constant visibility of the substrate, facilitating easy maintenance and inspection without the need for shutdown or downtime.
  • Efficient Application: Applied via airless spray systems, Mascoat Industrial-AC reduces both installation cost and time.
  • Fast Cure Times: Ensures quick return to service with minimal disruption.
  • Low VOC Composition: Environmentally friendly with low volatile organic compound content.
  • Versatile Application: Adheres smoothly to irregular surfaces.
  • Color Options and Packaging: Available in 5-gallon pails in white and light gray colors.

Understanding Condensation Risks: Condensation occurs due to temperature differences, leading to moisture formation when the surface temperature drops below the dew point. This can cause severe workplace hazards, equipment corrosion, and potential health issues from biological growth. Mascoat Industrial-AC acts as a thermal barrier, maintaining the surface temperature at least 1.5°F above the dew point, thus effectively minimizing the risk of condensation.

Mascoat Industrial-AC is the ideal solution for industrial settings where condensation is a concern, offering a comprehensive and practical approach to maintaining safe, efficient, and corrosion-free environments.

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