Mascoat Sound Control-DB: Advanced Vibration and Noise Reduction Coating – 5 Gallons


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Mascoat Sound Control-DB has been a reliable solution for marine, transportation, and industrial sectors since 1995, offering effective vibration and noise reduction in a convenient coating form. In 2021, the latest iteration, Mascoat Sound Control-DB (MSC-dB4), was released, boasting significantly enhanced sound damping capabilities, particularly below 300 Hz, and allowing for higher application film builds. This innovation leads to improved performance and expedited application times.

Key Advancements and Features of Mascoat Sound Control-DB:

  • Improved Sound Damping: Especially effective in the challenging 0-300Hz frequency range.
  • Higher Film Builds: Can be applied up to 40-50 mils (1.0-1.25 mm) wet in a single coat, providing the best damping-to-thickness ratio in the market.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for reducing noise from pumps, engines, machine housings, or ductwork, with typical thicknesses ranging from 40–160 mils (1–4 mm).
  • Long-Lasting and Low Maintenance: Requires minimal effort for application and remains effective for years without maintenance, reducing annual CUI repair costs.
  • Eco-Friendly and Safe Formulation: The water-based formula is low in VOCs and free from toxic ingredients, suitable for almost any environment.

Benefits of Mascoat Sound Control-DB:

  • Enhanced Noise and Vibration Reduction: Offers increased reduction of structure-borne noise and vibrations.
  • Time-Efficient Installation: Saves significant installation time compared to traditional sound damping tiles.
  • Construction Time Reduction: Helps to reduce the overall construction timeframe.
  • Improved Interior Comfort: Increases comfort inside vessels and facilities.
  • Lightweight Solution: More lightweight compared to traditional damping tiles.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets the guidelines set by IMO/SOLAS.
  • Repairability: Can be easily repaired if necessary.

Mascoat Sound Control-DB represents a significant leap forward in sound damping technology. Its versatility, efficiency, and effectiveness make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries seeking to enhance safety and comfort through superior noise and vibration control.

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