Mascoat Marine-DTM: Advanced Coating for Marine Environments


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Mascoat Marine-DTM is a specialized composite coating tailored for the demanding conditions of marine environments, offering both thermal protection and anti-condensation benefits. This innovative coating is water-based and formulated as a one-part system, containing air-filled particulates within an acrylic binder. It is applied similarly to paint and is maintenance-free, providing an essential thermal barrier and anti-condensation properties for shipboard construction.

Outstanding Features and Benefits of Mascoat Marine-DTM:

  • Optimal for Harsh Marine Conditions: Trusted on thousands of marine vessels from the cold Alaskan waters to the icy regions of Antarctica.
  • Versatility: Can replace or complement traditional blanket and foam insulation products.
  • Weight Reduction: Significantly reduces weight, aiding in compliance with strict marine codes and classifications.
  • Effortless Application: Easily applied to stiffeners and tight areas, adding minimal weight.
  • Effective Bonding: Directly bonds to substrates or primers, preventing corrosion and ensuring long-term protection.
  • Comfort Enhancement: Assures comfortable interior accommodations on vessels.
  • Sound Reduction: Offers notable soundproofing, reducing airborne structural noise by 1-3 dB or achieving a 28 SRC factor.

Applications of Mascoat Marine-DTM:

  • Suitable for weather-exposed surfaces, stiffeners, overheads, interior areas, pipes, walls, and engine rooms of marine vessels.

Cost-Efficient and Time-Saving:

  • The ease and speed of application result in significant labor and construction cost savings, while its ability to be applied to irregular surfaces adds to its versatility.

Mascoat Marine-DTM is an essential coating solution for the marine industry, providing a comprehensive approach to protecting vessels against thermal and condensation challenges while enhancing soundproofing and maintaining structural integrity. Its lightweight nature and ease of application make it an invaluable asset for marine construction and maintenance.

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