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Highland HiTemp 827-HB Series: Advanced Inert Multipolymeric Matrix Coating

The Highland HiTemp 827-HB Series stands as a revolutionary inert multipolymeric matrix coating, engineered to surpass its competitors in performance and versatility. This premium coating series is specially formulated to provide exceptional thermal shock resistance at film thicknesses of 16+ mils TDFT, making it a leader in its class.

Outstanding Features of Highland HiTemp 827-HB Series:

  • Exceptional Temperature Range: Capable of withstanding a vast temperature spectrum from ultra-cold cryogenic levels (-300°F) to extreme heat (1200°F), the 827-HB Series ensures durable protection across diverse conditions.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The series boasts remarkable flexibility, which not only increases its heat resistance but also prevents brittleness at high temperatures. This flexibility allows the coating to adapt with the substrate, avoiding cracking or delamination, and contributes to its superior thermal shock resistance.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: Highland HiTemp 827-HB achieves its top-notch corrosion resistance through high film builds and dense cross-linking. The unique inert multipolymeric matrix base resin is key to this feature. It’s particularly effective for Coating Under Insulation (CUI) applications and can be applied directly over tightly adhered rust, halting further corrosion and arresting existing rust with its complex system of inhibitors.
  • Dry Fall Capability: A standout feature of the 827-HB Series is its dry fall capability, eliminating concerns of overspray. This feature makes the 827-HB Series the only dry fall inert multipolymeric matrix coating available, ideal for high-risk overspray areas. It allows for faster application than traditional brush and roller methods, significantly reducing labor costs while ensuring uniform film characteristics.
  • Industry Standards Compliance: The 827-HB Series meets NACE SP0198 standards: SS-4, SS-5, CS-6, CS-8, showcasing its compliance with rigorous industry benchmarks.

The Highland HiTemp 827-HB Series is more than just a protective coating; it’s a multi-functional solution designed for enduring performance under challenging conditions. Whether for new steel or over existing rust, the 827-HB Series provides robust protection and reliability, setting a new standard in inert multipolymeric matrix coatings.

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Weight 10 lbs

1 Gallon Black, 1 Gallon Gray, 3 Gallons Black, 3 Gallons Gray


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