Highland International 475R Series Spray-Safe – Advanced Dry-Fall 2-K High Build Epoxy Primer 5 Gallons Light Grey


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Highland International introduces the innovative 475R Series, a groundbreaking 2-K surface tolerant modified polyamine epoxy primer specifically engineered for industrial environments. This cutting-edge primer sets itself apart as the only industrial 2-part dry fall epoxy primer in the market, combining the exceptional corrosion resistance and longevity of traditional industrial epoxy with unique dry fall application properties. The 475R Series is meticulously designed to transform overspray into a powdery residue 10 to 20 feet from the point of application, depending on reduction, revolutionizing the painting process in sensitive areas.

The 475R Series boasts an unparalleled ability to adhere over tightly bonded rust or mill scale, offering superior chemical, water, weathering, and corrosion protection. This product is not just a protective coating but a technological advancement in the field of industrial primers, enabling spray applications in areas previously limited to brush and roll due to overspray concerns.

Key Features:

  1. Unique Dry-Fall Technology: The 475R Series stands out with its ability to dry to a powder within 10-20 feet of application, eliminating concerns about overspray damage to nearby equipment and vehicles.
  2. No Containment or Masking Needed: This feature significantly reduces project time and costs, as the powdery overspray can be easily brushed or blown off without leaving any residue.
  3. Uninterrupted Operations: The 475R Series allows for ongoing operations during painting projects, thanks to its no-risk overspray feature, ensuring no downtime for your business.
  4. Cost-Efficient Labor: By facilitating spray application in previously restricted areas, the 475R Series dramatically cuts down on labor costs. Spray applications are up to four times quicker than traditional brush and roll methods, offering a competitive edge in terms of efficiency and cost.
  5. Extended Recoat Window: With a generous 60-day recoat window, the 475R Series offers flexibility in application schedules and can potentially eliminate the need for a brush blast before top-coating within this period.

Technical Advantages: Highland International 475R Series is not just a product but a solution to many of the challenges faced in industrial coating applications. Its extended recoat window, combined with its dry-fall properties, makes it a unique and valuable asset in the industrial coatings market. This product is a testament to Highland International’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and quality, marking a new era in industrial epoxy primers.

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