Highland International 74-HF Series – ChemTemp Hybrid Epoxy Novolac DTM



Highland International 74-HF Series – ChemTemp Hybrid Epoxy Novolac DTM – CUI Series represents the pinnacle in thin-film 2-K Hybrid Epoxy Novolac DTM Coating technology, offering temperature and chemical protection. Specifically designed for challenging environments, the 74-HF Series delivers exceptional barrier properties against acidic, caustic, thermal shock, and high heat conditions. Highland International 74-HF Series not only provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance but also boasts a temperature rating of 350˚F for immersion and 450˚F for cyclical wet to dry, or CUI services. Meeting NACE SP0198 carbon steel CS-1, CS-3, and CS-4 requirements, along with stainless steel SS-1, SS-2, and SS-3 requirements, the 74-HF Series is a top-tier solution for combating Corrosion Under Insulation.

Advantages of Highland International 74-HF Series:

  • Incorporates next-generation polymer technology for unmatched heat stability and chemical resistance.
  • Dry heat stability up to 450°F and immersion tolerance up to 350°F.
  • Provides superior resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals and solvents.
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance ensures longevity and durability.
  • Adheres strongly even on marginally prepared surfaces.
  • Offers excellent corrosion resistance, safeguarding your assets.
  • Easy to apply, saving time and labor.
  • Includes a specially engineered inert filler package for enhanced barrier properties.
  • Ensures superior substrate wetting for optimal adhesion and corrosion protection.
  • Ultra-high crosslink density creates a tough, durable film for long-lasting protection.

Highland International 74-HF is just one of many great coatings that we carry from Highland International see the full selection here.

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