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Pitted Steel Mill Floor Repair

The Problem This steel mill was dealing with a lot of pitting on their floors. They were looking for a solution that could easily smooth out the floor without having…
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Wastewater Treatment Plant Containment Area Protection

The Problem The original coating had failed following an incident when a valve had leaked and 3 quarts of 95% sulfuric acid had spilled onto the containment area lining. As…
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Bridge Encapsulation

The Problem This Michigan DOT bridge was starting to corrode because the previous coating system was failing prematurely. The customer wanted a solution that was minimal prep, easy to use,…
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damaged airport taxi way

Airport Taxi Way

The Problem The airport was suffering from the continual breakdown and chipping of the arris edges of the concrete slab on the taxiway where they are jointed.  This was a…
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Cooling Tower Basin Concrete Repair

Cooling Tower Basin Repair at Nuclear Power Plant

The Problem A nuclear power plant faced significant issues with its cooling tower basin the concrete was in need of repair. The basin was in a state of disrepair, with…
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Crude Oil Pit Rebuild and Protection

The Problem This old crude oil pit was severely decayed. Unconventional Solutions recommended removing the existing concrete and replacing it with RESICHEM 576 Quartz Screed. The customer, however, requested a…
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Automotive Tunnel Water Leak Repair

Automotive Tunnel Water Leak Concrete Repair

The Problem An automotive company was grappling with a persistent problem: an underground tunnel, crucial for employee movement between buildings during inclement weather, had been leaking for over ten years.…
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