Automotive Tunnel Water Leak Concrete Repair

Automotive Tunnel Water Leak Concrete Repair

The Problem

An automotive company was grappling with a persistent problem: an underground tunnel, crucial for employee movement between buildings during inclement weather, had been leaking for over ten years. Despite the efforts of three different contractors, all previous repair solutions had failed to complete this automotive tunnel water leak repair. The company reached out to the USI team, seeking an unconventional yet long-lasting solution to this enduring issue.

The Substrate

The primary material in need of repair was concrete, a common construction material for tunnels due to its strength and durability. However, over time, concrete can become susceptible to water infiltration, especially in underground settings.

The Solution

The USI team approached the problem with a comprehensive strategy for this automotive tunnel water leak repair”

  • Initial Assessment: The team began by removing the baseboard from the wall, revealing that the leak was not just in the floor but also coming through the wall.
  • Removing Damaged Concrete: They scraped out 4 inches of wet concrete from within the wall and 10 inches from the floor, addressing the areas most affected by the leak.
  • Stopping the Leak: To halt the water seepage, RESICHEM 574 Fastfill Plug was applied. This single-component, fast-curing, engineering-grade, polymer-modified, reactive cementitious putty is specifically designed for arresting water infiltration under pressure through cracks, joints, and voids in concrete.
  • Final Waterproofing and Sealing: After stopping the active leaks, the area was topped off with RESICHEM 573 Fastfill Screed – Concrete Seal. This product is a single-component, engineering-grade, polymer-modified, reactive cementitious coating with high adhesive properties, ideal for permanent immersion or negative pressure waterproofing and capable of resisting hydrostatic pressure up to 145 PSI.

The project has been in service for over two years now, with no recurrence of leaks. The client was impressed and relieved that the long-standing issue had been successfully resolved, showcasing USI’s ability to provide effective and lasting solutions where others had failed.



For challenging and persistent water leak issues in concrete structures, rely on Unconventional Solutions. Our expertise and high-quality products ensure durable and effective repairs, even in the most demanding environments. Contact us to solve your water infiltration challenges.

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