XCorr Pipe Repair HP 200: High-Pressure Epoxy Composite System


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XCorr Pipe Repair HP 200 is a sophisticated multi-component epoxy composite repair system, meticulously designed for demanding high-pressure sealing applications. It can efficiently handle working pressures up to 2,060 PSI (144 kg/cm2) and operating temperatures up to 450ºF (232ºC). This system is reinforced with a built-in 4:1 safety margin, ensuring reliability and safety in challenging environments.

Prominent Features of XCorr Pipe Repair HP 200:

  • Advanced Epoxy System: Utilizes a premeasured, two-part novolac epoxy system, providing a robust framework for high-pressure applications.
  • Superior Chemical Resistance: The novolac epoxy resin offers exceptional resistance to various chemicals, enhancing the durability of the repair.
  • Environmentally Conscious Composition: Composed of 100% solids with no VOCs, prioritizing environmental safety and compliance.
  • Efficient Mixing Ratio: A 3:1 pre-measured mixing ratio ensures precision and convenience in preparation.
  • Cartridge-Based Dispensing: Reduces waste and guarantees thorough mixing while efficiently managing the pot life of the system.
  • Reinforcement with Fiberglass Weave: High-performance fiberglass fabrics offer multidirectional mechanical reinforcement, adapting to irregular pipe shapes and geometries.
  • Optimized Felt Layer for Pressure: A primary technical felt layer ensures thorough interfacial wetting, crucial for the highest pressure performance.
  • Robust Bonding and Compressive Strength: Delivers outstanding compressive and adhesive bond strength for a secure and enduring repair.
  • Durable Coating under Extreme Conditions: Forms a resilient coating capable of withstanding severe operating conditions without shattering.
  • Quick Return to Service: High-pressure process piping can be reinstated in approximately 10 hours, with options for accelerated cure times through annealing.

XCorr Pipe Repair HP 200 is the ideal solution for challenging high-pressure pipe repair needs, offering a combination of strength, efficiency, and reliability. It’s perfectly suited for industrial, utility, or commercial applications where high-pressure conditions prevail, ensuring a swift, secure, and long-lasting pipe repair.


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