SeaShield SplashZone UW Epoxy


SeaShield SplashZone UW Epoxy is a solvent-free patching compound used for repairing pits, cracks and voids in steel, concrete, wood and other surfaces. SplashZone UW Epoxy has the unique ability to be mixed, applied and cured underwater.


SeaShield SplashZone UW Epoxy – 2 Gallon

Download the SeaShield SplashZone Technical Data Sheet (TDS)


Product Features

  • 100% solids
  • Resists wave action
  • Designed for underwater and other wet applications
  • Can be applied up to 2″ (50 mm) in thickness
  • Self-priming on most surfaces and over most generic coatings
  • Underwater rapid cure characteristics
  • VOC free

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs


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