Resimac Resichem 571: Lightweight Epoxy Repair Mortar for Concrete Surfaces


 Resichem 571 Concrete Repair LW (2.5KG); is a light weight three part solvent free epoxy repair mortar designed for use on cementitious surfaces. The light weight nature of the material makes it ideal for repairs to overhead columns, sills and vertical concrete surfaces. 

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Resimac Resichem 571 Concrete Repair LW is a lightweight, three-part, solvent-free epoxy repair mortar specifically designed for cementitious surfaces. Its uniquely lightweight composition makes it an ideal solution for repairs on overhead columns, sills, and vertical concrete surfaces where conventional heavier mortars might not be suitable.

Key Features of Resimac Resichem 571:

  • Lightweight Repair Solution: Specifically formulated to be light in weight, enhancing ease of application on overhead and vertical structures.
  • Ideal for Vertical and Overhead Surfaces: Perfectly suited for repairing and rebuilding overhead and vertical cementitious surfaces without sagging.
  • High Thickness Application: Can be effectively applied up to a thickness of 50mm (2 inches), ensuring substantial coverage and repair depth.

Typical Applications:

  • Ideal for rebuilding and repairing lintels, sills, walls, and ceilings, making it a versatile choice for a variety of construction and maintenance projects.

Resimac Resichem 571 offers an innovative approach to concrete repairs, particularly in challenging overhead and vertical applications. Its lightweight and robust nature ensures effective and long-lasting repairs, maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic of your cementitious surfaces.

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Weight 25 lbs


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