Polyguard RD-6 Coating


POLYGUARD RD-6® COATING SYSTEM is a non-shielding anti-corrosion system used on buried and submerged line pipe, rehabilitation and new construction girth welds. RD-6 can also be used above ground but the coating must be protected from harmful UV rays by using our RD-6® UV Overcoat.




  • RD-6 is a non-shielding coating.  In the case of a coating disbondment, the cathodic protection current will not be shielded and will be able to reach the subustrate.
  • Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, even with below standard surface preparation.
  • Fast, easy-to-apply, and can be backfilled immediately after coating.
  • It has visco-elastic properties to accommodate normal expansion and contraction of the substrate.
  • The woven construction of the geotextile backing permits contact throughout the overlaps providing stronger adhesion in this critical area of the coating.
  • Excellent water vapor transmission resistance.
  • Uniform factory-controlled thickness, typically not possible with field-applied liquid coatings.


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Weight 55 lbs
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