Denso Hi-Tack Tape


“Denso Hi-Tack Tape is composed of a non-woven synthetic fabric impregnated and coated with an adhesive compound based on petrolatum, polymers and inert siliceous fillers. A specially developed tape to protect irregular surfaces or where additional adhesion is required. Adhesion qualities are higher compared to other Denso Petrolatum Tapes.


Product Features

  • Meets NACE RP0375-2006
  • Applied to marginally prepared surfaces (SSPC SP 2-3)
  • High conformability with strong adhesion
  • UV resistant
  • Encapsulation of lead paint
  • Can reduce or eliminate plant shut-down for maintenance
  • Long term cost effective corrosion protection
  • Instant and uniform protection given irrespective of the profile
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, salts etc.
  • Elimination of failure due to intercoat contamination
  • Years of proven effectiveness

Additional information

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