Denso Fiber-Wrap: Reinforced Woven Fiber-Mesh for Pipe Protection


Denso Fiber-Wrap is a resin coated, woven fiber-mesh fabric that is .005 inches (127 microns) in thickness and exhibits excellent tensile strength. Used as an outerwrap for Denso Petrolatum Tape Systems for straight pipe. Provides additional protection against backfill and soil stress.

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Denso Fiber-Wrap is a premium resin-coated, woven fiber-mesh fabric, boasting a thickness of .005 inches (127 microns) and outstanding tensile strength. This robust material is specifically designed to serve as an effective outerwrap for Denso Petrolatum Tape Systems on straight pipes, offering enhanced protection against backfill and soil stress.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Tensile Strength: Ensures durability and resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Superior Holding Force: Provides a secure and reliable hold over the tape system.
  • Backfill Protection: Offers additional defense against the pressures and impacts of backfill.
  • Soil Stress Resistance: Effectively shields against various soil-induced stresses.

Application Process for Denso Fiber-Wrap:

  • The Denso Fiber-Wrap should be spirally wrapped with sufficient tension over the Denso Petrolatum Tape.
  • Ensure a minimum overlap of 1 inch (25 mm) while applying, pressing firmly onto the Denso Petrolatum Tape for optimal adhesion and coverage.

Denso Fiber-Wrap is ideally suited for environments requiring extra reinforcement and protection, ensuring long-lasting integrity and performance of pipeline coating systems.

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Denso North America, a branch of Winn & Coales international, produces and supplies corrosion and chemical-resistant coatings and linings for steel, concrete, and timber in harsh environments. Denso leads in innovative corrosion prevention technology, crafting tailored solutions for various industries. Denso products adhere to rigorous quality standards, designed for durability, providing up to 30+ years of corrosion protection without maintenance.

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