Denso Bore-Wrap®


Denso Bore-Wrap® is an Abrasion Resistant Outerwrap (ARO) that has excellent performance against impact, gouge, abrasion, and fracture to protect anti-corrosion coatings during pipeline installations in difficult terrain or by means of trenchless installation methods such as directional drilling, HDD or boring. Bore-Wrap creates an abrasion resistant, sacrificial outer laminate which protects pre-approved field joint coatings and mainline coatings such as epoxies, shrink sleeves, 3LPE, 3LPP and FBE.

Download Field-Applied Application Instructions – PRINTABLE VERSION (pdf)


Product Features

  • Prevents coating damage
  • Rapid application and cure time
  • No mixing or VOCs
  • Tapered surface profile
  • Outstanding abrasion, gouge and impact resistance
  • Resistant to aggressive soil conditions

Additional information

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