Chlor*Rid SP8 Gel: Revolutionary Surface Decontamination and Coating Adhesion Enhancer


Chlo*Rid SP8 Gel is used in a system with Chlor*Rid SP8 Rinse make sure you have the full system on hand.

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  • Innovative Two-Step Process: Utilizes ChlorRid SP8 Gel alongside ChlorRid SP8 Rinse for a comprehensive surface cleaning that reaches the microscopic level.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for metal substrates in need of protective coating, ensuring an extended surface life.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Biodegradable formula that’s easy to ship worldwide, reducing the carbon footprint of your project.
  • Coating-Neutral Technology: Does not form a film or leave residue, ensuring compatibility with any coating system and suitability for pre/post welding applications.


  • Enhanced Coating Adhesion: Improves coating adhesion by up to 66%, leading to significantly extended coating service life.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Reduces project costs by up to 40% and eliminates the need for unnecessary rework, saving valuable time.
  • Improved Weld Strength: By removing contaminants, Chlor*Rid SP8 Gel aids in reducing puddling and weld porosity, enhancing the strength of your welds.
  • Weather and Delay Resistant: Eliminates weather-related delays, allowing for a smoother, uninterrupted project flow.
  • Easy and Safe Use: Designed for field application, Chlor*Rid SP8 Gel is easy to use without leaving any inhibitors or films, simplifying the decontamination process.


ChlorRid SP8 Gel, part of the innovative ChlorRid SP8 decontamination process, stands as a cornerstone in metal surface preparation and protection. Whether applied after surface preparation or before protective coating, ChlorRid SP8 Gel ensures your projects not only meet but exceed conventional standards. With its ability to significantly improve coating adhesion and extend service life, all while reducing costs and environmental impact, ChlorRid SP8 Gel redefines the approach to surface decontamination and coating preparation. Say goodbye to compromises on quality and sustainability with Chlor*Rid SP8 Gel.

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