3M™ 323+ Scotchkote – Case of 6 450ML Cartridges


6 Cartridges/Case – Nozzles Not Included


3M™ 323+ Scotchkote Liquid Epoxy Coating is the latest innovation in Liquid Epoxy Coatings from 3M. This two-part system features improved adhesion, flexibility and impact resistance to help prevent corrosion on steel pipes and other metal surfaces.

Coating Details:
  • 100% solids
  • VOC Free
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High build, up to 45 mils, in one application
  • Can be applied to a substrate as cold as 41°F/5°C
  • Resistant to damage from acids and bases in pH range 2-14
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons such as crude oil, motor oils and gasoline
  • Applicable by cartridge, brush, roller, HSS or plural component spray
  • 2A:1B Volumetric Mix Ratio

Use 3M™ 323+ Scotchkote Liquid Epoxy for:

  • As a patch material
  • As a girthweld coating.
  • As an internal lining.
  • As a standalone coating for pipe rehabilitation.
  • Field joints
  • Rehabilitation of pipeline coatings
  • Bends, Valves, other Odd Shapes
  • Field and factory

General Application Steps:

For use as a repair material in the field where scratches or other holidays may have occurred.
1. Remove oil, grease and loosely adhering deposits.
2. Abrade the FBE surface with medium grit sandpaper (approximately 80 grit). Powered rotary sanders and sweep blasting are also acceptable means of performing this task as well. Ensure that the surrounding Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) is roughened for 10 mm on all sides of the holiday.
3. Ensure the abraded surface is cleaned of abrading debris with the use of an air blast or a clean lint free cloth then verify anchor profile is 1.5 – 4 mils.
4. With the metal above 41˚F/5˚C and a minimum of 5°F/3˚C above the dew point, apply Scotchkote coating 323+ at recommended film thickness.

We also offer the applicators for the 3M™ 323+ Scotchkote Liquid Epoxy Coating, find the 90 degree applicators here and the straight applicators here.


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