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Tank Chime Repair

The Problem A wastewater company was looking for a cost-effective and durable repair solution for their tank chimes. There was a 1½ in. gap that needed to be repaired and…
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Steel Mill Bridge

The Problem This bridge at a large steel mill was severely corroded.  The company chose a USI solution that is water-based and requires minimal surface preparation.   Grit blasting costs can…
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Chiller Refurbishment

The Problem A chiller operator at a large stadium was concerned with corrosion inside one of their chillers. Hearing about our solutions for corrosion protection and prevention, they decided to…
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Riser Pipe Refurbishment

The Problem A major oil company needed a repair solution for some of the riser lines on this offshore platform.   This line had several leaks and was suffering severe wall…
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Bridge Encapsulation

The Problem This Michigan DOT bridge was starting to corrode because the previous coating system was failing prematurely. The customer wanted a solution that was minimal prep, easy to use,…
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corrosion in steel tank

Internal Tank Protection

The Problem This wastewater treatment plant was concerned about sodium hypochlorite (bleach) attacking their steel tank and structure. There were severe corrosion issues.  They called in their local Unconventional Solutions…
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