Riser Pipe Refurbishment

Riser Pipe Refurbishment

The Problem

A major oil company needed a repair solution for some of the riser lines on this offshore platform.  

This line had several leaks and was suffering severe wall loss due to corrosion caused from the marine environment.

The company needed a solution that would be impervious to the harsh saltwater and prevent this from happening again.

The Substrate


The Solution

StopIT Gas Riser Rehabilitation was chosen to repair the production riser.  A rapid-setting proprietary polymer system that forms to a solid within minutes, StopIT Gas Riser Rehabilitation is functional in 2-3 hours and is fully cured within 24 hours. StopIT Gas Riser Rehabilitation encases the riser, seals it from the marine environment, and inhibits corrosion of the pipe surface.  

StopIT Gas Riser Rehabilitation repaired the riser while avoiding costly replacement, hot work, and eliminating the need to shut-in production.    


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