Tag: Resimetal

Vertical Inline Pump for Cooling Tower

PROBLEM The veins on this vertical inline pump for a cooling tower at a refinery had severe abrasion wear because of the 30 years of service it provided.  The client…
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Wastewater Treatment Plant Sewage Shaft

The Problem This wastewater treatment plant was having issues with their sewage shafts.  The shafts were showing signs of wear and tear.  The treatment plant was looking for a system…
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Shaft Repair on Rooftop

The Problem An automotive manufacturing company was hearing heavy vibration of a fan shaft on top of the roof, so they called Unconventional Solutions out for an emergency repair to…
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chiller with corrosion

Chiller Plant at Big 10 University – 2015

The Problem A Chiller Plant at a Big 10 University was experiencing galvanic corrosion, also know as bimetal corrosion, which was eating away at the metals and causing tubes to…
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Bronze Impeller Refurbishment

The Problem A power plant on a lake had a bronze impeller that suffered extensive corrosion and, in some spots, severe deterioration of the base metal. The company was looking…
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