Tag: Refurbishment

Water Pump Refurbishment

The Problem A major water plant was concerned about the erosion and corrosion of their 1,500-horsepower water pump. Instead of replacing the water pump, they contacted USI for our repair…
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Fan Impeller Refurbishment

The Problem The carbon steel impeller of this dust extraction fan had been subjected to heavy wear as a result of the very aggressive operating conditions. The fan is used…
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Chiller Refurbishment

The Problem A chiller operator at a large stadium was concerned with corrosion inside one of their chillers. Hearing about our solutions for corrosion protection and prevention, they decided to…
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corrosion and erosion on turbine

Turbine Refurbishment

The Problem This turbine was originally built in 1923 and was used in a hydro-electric power plant.  The whole turbine was badly worn after years of use without protection. A…
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scroll case damage

Scroll Case Refurbishment

The Problem Thousands of liters of water had been continuously pumped through the scroll, which was 120 feet long and had a diameter of 12 feet, to service the requirements…
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