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Appalachian Underground Corrosion 3-Day Training Course

The 69th annual Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course will take place May 7-9, 2024.

Tank Farm Fuel Line Coating

Expert Training and Troubleshooting for Tank Farm Fuel Line Coatings

PROBLEM Tank Farm Fuel Line Coating: A contractor responsible for maintaining a tank farm with airport jet fuel lines encountered significant challenges in their coating process. The jet fuel lines,…
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AMPP Eastern Conference – Georgia

Join us in Georgia at AMPP Eastern Conference. This technical program brings together industry professionals in coatings and corrosion to connect on issues directly impacting the Eastern US.

Gate Valve Repair

The Problem  The surfaces of the gate valve shown in this photograph had been subjected to severe erosion and corrosion as a result of the very aggressive operating conditions. Immediate…
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Trench Repair

The Problem This steel mill had a severely corroded secondary containment area caused by hydrochloric acid at elevated temperatures continuously hitting their trench.  USI was called in by an engineering…
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