Gate Valve Repair

Gate Valve Repair

The Problem 

The surfaces of the gate valve shown in this photograph had been subjected to severe erosion and corrosion as a result of the very aggressive operating conditions.

Immediate repairs were required to extend the life of this expensive piece of equipment.

The Substrate 


The Solution

All loose material was scraped away. The surfaces were then blast cleaned to a minimum industry standard of NACE 2. Our multi-purpose ceramic epoxy RESIMETAL 201 Ceramic Repair Paste was used to rebuild the internal surfaces of the gate valve, after which RESIMETAL 203 Superflow Ceramic Repair Fluid was applied.

RESIMETAL 203 Superflow Ceramic Repair Fluid is a solvent-free epoxy coating that provides a smooth, low-friction finish as well as optimum levels of physical and mechanical strength, and superior resistance to erosion and corrosion.

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