Stopaq Outerwrap PVC – UV-Resistant Protective Adhesive Tape for Corrosion Prevention


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Stopaq Outerwrap PVC is a UV-resistant, flexible polyvinyl chloride tape, uniquely designed with a modified pressure-sensitive rubber resin adhesive. This product is specifically engineered for the mechanical protection of corrosion-preventing coating systems, including Stopaq® Wrappingband CZ and CZH, making it an ideal solution for underground and submerged applications. The Stopaq Outerwrap PVC’s heavy-duty adhesive layer ensures excellent adhesion to both the outer surface of the Stopaq® Wrappingband and its own backing, providing a durable and secure protective layer.


  • Easy and straightforward application process.
  • Cold-applied, eliminating the need for heating or special preparation.
  • Highly flexible with good conformability to different shapes and surfaces.
  • Strong adhesion to Stopaq® Wrappingband and to the tape’s own backing.
  • Exceptional impact resistance, safeguarding against physical damages.
  • Capable of withstanding a wide range of service temperatures.
  • REACH compliant, ensuring no use of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

Benefits of Stopaq Outerwrap PVC:

  • Ideally suited for manual, on-site application.
  • Easily stretchable, facilitating simple and efficient application.
  • Provides excellent mechanical protection to Stopaq® corrosion prevention products.
  • Resilient to impacts and indentations, which may occur during installation and backfilling.
  • Aids in the self-healing of the completed coating system.
  • Offers strong resistance to ageing, maintaining effectiveness even under prolonged exposure to high temperatures.
  • Ready for immediate service without any curing or waiting time required.

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