RTV 5240 Silicone Sealant White 10.1 FL OZ Cartridge


RTV 5240 Silicone Sealant White 10.1 FL OZ Cartridge

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RTV 5240 Series Silicone is a fast, neutral cure adhesive sealant designed specifically for use in and around electrical and electronic applications. RTV 5240 Silicones are true neutral cure sealants that release methyl alcohol during cure when exposed to room temperature. They have a non-corrosive curing process that does not release produce exothermic heat or corrosive by-products. Unlike many neutral cure sealants, RTV 5240 cures very rapidly (cure time for a 3mm thick section is 6 hours).

RTV 5240 are UL recognized, low odor emitting silicones with superior hydrolytic stability. They have a demonstrated ability to maintain adhesion to many substrates after 20 weeks of immersion in water at 60°C and will withstand exposure to harsh chemical environments, ozone, moisture and weathering.

These silicones have good tear resistance, are compatible with sensitive metals and plastics and retain their elastomeric properties in temperatures ranging from -75°C to 204°C. They are often used in aerospace, automotive, and electrical applications which incorporate electronic components or sensitive metals. They are also used on electronic and integrated circuits, semi-conductors, and copper connections.

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