Repair Polymer Concrete – RP-C


1 Gallon – DUROMAR RP-C is a 100% Solids, Zero VOC concrete resurfacing compound. It is used to fill voids and holes in concrete prior to the application of a protective coating or lining. RP-C offers excellent adhesion, a long overcoat window, and great ease of application. Sold in 2 parts.


DUROMAR RP-C: Advanced Repair Polymer Concrete for Surface Restoration

DUROMAR RP-C represents a cutting-edge 100% Solids, Zero VOC Repair Polymer Concrete, meticulously developed for resurfacing and repairing concrete surfaces. This high-performance compound is specifically formulated to efficiently fill voids and holes, preparing the concrete for subsequent protective coating or lining applications.

Key Features of DUROMAR RP-C Repair Polymer Concrete:

  • Ease of Application: Its user-friendly nature allows for a smooth and effortless application process, similar to using a spackling compound.
  • Extended Overcoat Window: Offers a generous timeframe for overcoating, providing flexibility in project scheduling and application.
  • Exceptional Adhesion: DUROMAR RP-C adheres strongly to concrete surfaces, ensuring a secure and durable repair.
  • Resistance to Amine Blush: Exhibits excellent resistance to amine blush, maintaining its integrity and effectiveness in various environments.
  • Long-Term Flexibility: Remains flexible over time, which is crucial for enduring repairs and adaptability to minor surface movements.
  • Versatile Application Depth: Can be applied in layers to reach depths of ¼ inch or more, accommodating a range of repair needs.
  • Theoretical Coverage: Offers an efficient coverage rate of 20 square feet per gallon at an 80 mil thickness.

DUROMAR RP-C Repair Polymer Concrete is the ideal solution for restoring and revitalizing concrete surfaces that require repair before coating or lining. Whether it’s for industrial floors, infrastructure, or commercial buildings, DUROMAR RP-C ensures a robust, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing finish.

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