Kroil Penetrant With Graphite (Aerosol Spray-13oz – Case of 12)


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Kroil Penetrant With Graphite

Features & Benefits:

  • Industry-Leading Formula: Kroil Penetrant With Graphite is recognized for its superior penetrating abilities in various industries, ensuring effective loosening of corroded metal and seized parts with ease.
  • Designed for High Temperatures: Specifically formulated for environments up to 700°F (371°C), making it ideal for use on bearings, electrical components, and machinery where high heat is a factor.
  • Enhanced Muscle: Simplifies repairs by easing the disassembly of rusted and frozen components, requiring less effort and torque.
  • Long-Lasting Lubrication: The inclusion of graphite allows the penetrant to access tight spaces and provide durable lubrication, ensuring smooth operation of moving parts over time.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Produced in Nashville, Tennessee by Kano Laboratories, a company with a long-standing tradition of American manufacturing excellence since 1939.

This product offers a reliable solution for professionals needing a robust penetrant that performs exceptionally well under stress and high temperatures.

For years Kroil has been the go to for mechanics and maintence personel to loosen corroded stubborn bolts and other siezed equipment. Kroil Original Penetrating Oil offers an unmatched combination of deep penetration and robust protection, maintaining its efficacy in the most demanding conditions and ensuring your machinery and metal works remain in peak condition.

This is just one of many Kroil products that we carry see the whole catalog here.

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