Duromar GMC-Putty-M – Repair and Maintenance Putty – 1 Gallon


GMC-Putty M is an excellent all around epoxy maintenance putty. It is used to rebuild and repair corroded or badly pitted surfaces. GMC-Putty M offers excellent adhesion, a broad overcoat window and is easy to trowel apply. It is an excellent material for skin coating porous concrete or pitted steel.


Duromar GMC-Putty-M: The Ideal Epoxy Maintenance Solution

Duromar GMC-Putty-M stands out as a versatile and reliable epoxy maintenance putty, perfect for a range of repair and rebuild tasks. This product excels in restoring surfaces that are suffering from corrosion or severe pitting, offering a dependable solution for bringing them back to their prime condition.

Key Features of Duromar GMC-Putty-M:

  • Exceptional Adhesion: Ensures a strong and lasting bond to the surfaces it is applied to, making it ideal for both porous concrete and pitted steel.
  • Broad Overcoat Window: Offers flexibility in application, ensuring it can be overcoated within a wide time frame for convenience.
  • Ease of Application: The putty is designed for simple, trowel-applied installation, making it user-friendly and efficient to use.
  • Chemical and Thermal Resistance: Able to withstand harsh environments, providing durability and long-lasting protection.
  • Moderate Abrasion Resistance: Maintains integrity even in conditions where it faces regular wear and tear.
  • Superior Fluid Flow Characteristics: Ensures a smooth application and a uniform finish.
  • Long-Term Flexibility: Remains effective over time, ensuring that the repair does not deteriorate or become brittle.
  • Cavitation Resistance: Offers resilience against cavitation, making it suitable for a variety of demanding applications.

Whether you’re dealing with industrial equipment, infrastructure, or any other surface in need of repair, Duromar GMC-Putty-M is the go-to choice for effective, long-lasting maintenance. Its user-friendly nature coupled with its robust characteristics makes it an essential product for anyone seeking to restore and protect surfaces from further damage.


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